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20 meter length digital water curtain project

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20m Length Digital Water Curtain Project in Japan_GO Fountain_6This is a 20 meter length digital water curtain project located in an amusement park in Japan. At the beginning of 2016, our company received the enquiry from the Customer and completed the proposal within 1 day. In the following days, we keep communicating and discussing with customer online about the proposal and project details in time. After several modifications of proposal, the customer wants to visit our company and the factory to further discuss the project and price.

After this visit, the customers got a better understanding of our qualifications, professionalism and factory productivity, which further enhanced the trust in our company and finally confirmed the order. We speed up and finish the production within 40 days . After the fountain was delivered to the site, our engineers go to the site to complete all installation and commissioning within one week. The successful and beautiful performance of the fountain has attracted more tourists and further promoted the surrounding economic benefits.

20m Length Digital Water Curtain Project in Japan_GO Fountain_2

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