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Can You Let Your Children Play in the Fountain?

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Can you let your children play in the fountain?

Children love to play with water, especially in summer. The cool fountain is definitely the children's favorite. 

1. Water Quality and Structure of the Water Fountain


water fountain


1) Water Quality of the Fountain

The fountain belongs to ornamental fountain, and its water source is often recycled rainwater or treated sewage, which is called medium water. Although the water is treated with precipitation, filtration, aeration, and sterilization as well as tap water, they still contain more pathogenic bacteria than tap water. Since the outdoor fountain is exposed to the outdoors for a long time, mosquitoes prefer to be active and spawning in the water, it is very easy to breed bacteria.


2) Structure of Fountain

The children usually love to play in dryland fountain. The facilities of this kind of fountain are placed underground. When spraying water, the jetted water column is sprayed through the paving holes such as the cover plate or granite, it can not only save the space of the ground, but also enjoy the fountain. This type of fountain is basically bowl-shaped, and all the debris will go down the ramp and eventually gather at the bottom without staying around the nozzle.


2. Will Children be Sick When Playing with a Fountain?

water fountain

The fountain water does have some problems. It is not clean and the replacement is not very frequent. However, if children play for a short time, will they get splash ovum like rumors? And then get various skin diseases or pink eye diseases? Next we will learn some common science knowledge.



1) It takes certain conditions for the siring of pathogens and worm ovum.

The siring of pathogens requires certain temperatures and conditions, and most of them are transmitted through respiratory contact. The siring of worm ovum also requires suitable places and time, it usually takes two to three days to hatch. In summer, when children play with water during the day, they usually take a bath at night, and the worm ovum attached to the skin will be cleaned up.



2) It may cause allergies if contacting with worm ovum.

The dermatologists and pediatricians mentioned that the ovum of the cockroaches will not breed in the human body, so you don’t worry! Unless your child's constitution is very sensitive, and there is a wound on the skin when playing with water, the ovum may cause allergies and a small rash will appear on the body.



3) Children can’t drink the fountain water.

Although the worm ovum will certainly not breed in the human body, you should still be careful not to let the children drink the fountain water, because the equipment of the fountain is generally old, the water is always recycled, the bacteria are not running, if the baby who is not sensible drinks, he is very likely to be infected with intestinal diseases, it is really troublesome.


3. Precautions for Playing Fountains

water fountain


1) Do not run fast to prevent falling

When children see the water, they will be very excited. They can't help but run around the water. The baby's balance ability is poor, and it is easy to fall because the ground is slippery. At this time, parents must keep with them, otherwise, the child is easily injured or accidentally stepped on by another child.

2) Children must be away from the fountain outlet

The water column ejected from the fountain is transported by the high pressure of the submersible pump. When the fountain suddenly opens or presses, the striking force of the water column can reach a force of several tens of kilograms. The power must not be underestimated. Children may be injured!

3) Strict protection against electric leakage.

The fountain does not have an accident generally, but the accident is often fatal, in addition to the high water pressure, the biggest risk is the electric leakage!

4) Don't rub eyes when playing with water.

The water quality of the fountain is not clean, and it is very likely to contain mosquito ovum and various germs. Therefore, parents must look at children when they play with water. Don’t let the baby rub his eyes with his hands. Otherwise, dirty water will enter the eyes and may be affected conjunctivitis, if you can't control it, you can bring a bottle of water before you go, wash children’s eyes and hands after playing.

5) Take a shower after playing water.

After playing water, whether it is fountain water, swimming pool water or water in a small lake, you must bathe your child right after you arrive home! The water source outside is still relatively dirty, even if the skin contact does not easily cause illness, it must not leave hidden dangers.

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