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Daily Cleaning and Maintenance of Outdoor Fountains

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Daily Cleaning and Maintenance of Outdoor Fountains 

The outdoor fountain is a beautiful landscape that is often seen in front of a park or a theater. The working principle of the fountain is to continuously circulate the fountain water by a water pump to prevent the accumulation of algae.

However, lack of maintenance is the primary cause of the deterioration of the fountain. Even with the flowing water source, your fountain will accumulate mineral deposits and debris, which requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it neat as well as extending the use of the fountain. If you want to maintain a healthy state and nice appearance of the fountain for a long time, it is important to clean and take care of your fountain in a correct way. 

Before cleaning your outdoor fountains, check the material it was made of. If you are not sure what your fountain is made of, look at your manual to gather some information. 

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1.How Often to Clean?

Algae and white scales can appear on your water fountain within just a few weeks. these harmful substances can cause the pump to burn out or the basin to become unsightly. 

An unkempt water fountain and stagnant water can be harmful to health, especially in environments with plenty of mosquitoes. Basically you should clean your fountains at least once every two months. When it comes to algae, remove it as soon as you can to prevent pump burnouts. In fact, it is recommended to decide your cleaning frequency basing on the size of fountain. In general, the smaller your fountain is, the more frequently cleaning is required. Because there is less water in a smaller fountain, which less water are used in diluting algae and other harmful substances.

2.How to Clean?

  • Before you cleaning, you must turn off your fountain and unplug it from the power source. This is an essential step, without which you may suffer from serious injuries such as electric shock. 

  • Remove the pump as well as all other items from the fountain basin, including stones and  decorative items. This can help expose the entire fountain to check any hidden algae or dirt in gaps and corners. Other items can be cleaned separately later. 

  • Empty all water out of your fountain. You may need a pump or a vac to clear it quickly. It is important to thoroughly inspect the fountain to ensure that all water is removed from the pump, basin and pipes. 

  • Use mild detergent to prevent the surface material of the fountain from damaging. 

  • Scrub any algae away from the fountain. This may be a tough step if you haven't cleaned your fountain for a while. Don’t forget to pay attention to inlets and basins. 

  • Rinse the water fountain and remove any cleaning solution or soap. Once you have fully cleaned and wiped your fountain, be sure to dry it thoroughly before reinstalling the pump. If your fountain is made of steel or copper, you may need to add some polishing to renew it. 

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3.Other Tips

  • Use a tooth brush to make sure all ports and vents are clear.

  • Vinegar is usually effective at removing calcium and lime buildup. But never use them on copper fountains because these can remove the copper patina.

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