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Design Points and Analysis of Landscape Fountain

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In recent years, the application technology of waterscape has developed rapidly. Many technologies have been widely used in practice. The water art landscape has gradually formed a relatively independent engineering branch, but the systematic guiding theory in engineering design practice is still not complete.

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1. The first type is used the terrain or civil structure to imitate the natural water landscape. Such as streams, waterfalls, artificial lakes, fish ponds, springs, falling water, etc., these have a wide application in traditional Chinese gardens.

2. The second type is completely relying on fountain equipment for landscaping. A variety of fountains such as musical fountains, program-controlled fountains, dryland fountains, atomized fountains, etc. have been widely used in the construction field in recent years. Besides, its development speed is very fast. Various waterscape projects generally consist of the following aspects: civil pool, pipeline valve system, power pump system, lighting system, etc. There have a water treatment system for the places with larger water bodies or sites that require a high level of water quality.


Design Points

1. Model design and nozzle selection. To carry out the overall design of the waterscape, we should first analyze the basic requirements of the environmental atmosphere, then analyze the various waterscape forms, separate the different combinations, draw the renderings, and select the best. There are several kinds of forms, such as still water, running water, falling water, and water spray, which can be derived from colorful forms. Especially due to the development of nozzle technology, the water spray attitude is even more varied. With these materials, and through the professional art design, you can sketch a beautiful aquatic landscape.


In addition, different landscape forms are suitable for different application scenarios. For example, music fountains are generally used in gathering places such as squares. It is an organic combination of music, water and lighting to give people a visual and auditory sense of beauty. At the same time, the fountain and the square are integrated into one part of the building. The buildings in the residential area are more suitable for designing the stream to surround, aiming to reflect the quiet and leisurely atmosphere, giving people a smooth, relaxed visual enjoyment. Thus, it create a pleasant living and rest space.


The choice of nozzles in fountain design is important. Various types of spray heads are widely used in waterscapes to create water shapes of various shapes. The biggest problem of our spray heads is quality. Therefore, we suggest that the national professional association organize relevant experts to formulate practical design specifications and standards as soon as possible, so that China's water fountain industry will further develop in a more standardized way.

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2. Civil engineering pool design. Generally, the depth of the landscape pool is 0.6-0.8m. The reason for this is to ensure the depth of the suction port. Besides,  the bottom of the pool is an integral plane, which is also convenient for installation and maintenance of pipeline equipment in the pool. The suction pit or pump pit is only used when designing a shallow butterfly-shaped cell body that exhibits hydrophilic characteristics.

3. Pipe material selection. Older projects generally used hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, but there are many deficiencies. After the steel pipe is used for a period of time, if the surface is rusted, it will affect the appearance. The preferred pipes are copper and stainless steel, but they are expensive. UPVC pipe can avoid rust, but there are problems, for example, it will has the poor weather resistance , direct light irradiation to accelerate discoloration and aging.

4. Pump form selection. At present, many waterscape projects use submersible pumps that do not require a pump house as a hydraulic lifting device in order to save floor space or reduce project cost. However, at present, the reliability of some submersible pumps in China (including some abroad) is much lower than that of dry centrifugal pumps. Therefore, the development of high reliability submersible pumps is a key to reducing the cost of waterscape projects.

Only you design in a right way, the water fountain can completely play its role to let us have a good visual experience.

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