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Dia.7m Program Control Water Fountain Project Located in Islamabad, Pakistan

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This fountain project is for a hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is a 7m diameter program control fountain, consist of 4 different groups of water features, 83pcs of spray nozzles and 56pcs of multicolor LED lights, the central spray can reach 10 meters high. 

Applying the built-in PLC system with written programs, program control fountain could command the performance of the water spray and lights. There are several programs could be written in and being carried out randomly. The difference between the Music Fountain and Program Control Fountain is the musical system. In the Program Controlling Fountain, there is no musical system, thus, it is more competitive in cost. This system, with high adjustability, reliability and capability, could endure concussion, struck, dust and big temperature difference. Modularization configuration not only simplifies system maintenance but also be convenient for upgrade.


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