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Do You Know the Shooting Skills of the Music Fountain?

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Do You Know the Shooting Skills of the Music Fountain?

Today's musical fountains are a ubiquitous landscape in life and travel, and the music fountains are now beautifully designed. Especially in the evening when the colorful lights shine, the water spurts out with the music, which makes the night extraordinarily beautiful. When we want to leave this beautiful scenery with a mobile phone or camera, we find that the photos taken are not as good as the real ones. Today we will teach you the skills of shooting water fountains, let us start learning.

Preparation of Shooting Equipment

Regarding the camera, it is recommended that you prepare a camera that can control the shutter speed freely. Because of the water fountain, the shutter speed is exquisite, and the fountain effect of different shutter speeds will be different. If you shoot a outdoor fountain at night, be sure to bring a tripod. If you don't have one, you must find a platform to keep the camera stable, otherwise it will be blurred.



water fountain


How to Shoot a Misty Fountain

The shooting of the foggy fountain requires a slow shutter speed to achieve the effect of recording the water flow trajectory. First we adjust the camera to the Tv shutter priority mode, set the shutter speed of 1/10s or even slower, and then set the ISO value of 100. If the shutter setting is too fast, the foggy trajectory effect will be lost. The lower the ISO setting, the better the picture quality will be.

Use a tripod or a fixed fulcrum to keep the camera stable and avoid blurring. Due to the slower shutter speed setting, hand-held shooting is almost impossible, and it is easy to shake the picture, so the camera must be stable with a tripod. If there is no tripod, you can use the nearby fixed platform to help stabilize the camera.


How to Shoot the Fountain Instant Effect

Some people think that the misty fountain is the best, and some people think that the instant effect of the water fountain is the essence of the fountain. If you want to shoot the moment of the fountain jet, you need to set a faster shutter speed, or in the Tv shutter priority mode, set the slowest shutter speed of 1/80s or even faster. On the ISO side, setting the daytime to 100 is enough. If it is night, in order to get normal exposure, you need to set the ISO to AUTO automatically, and let the camera automatically adjust according to the specific situation. Otherwise, it may be caused by insufficient exposure. Because the shutter speed is faster, the tripod is not needed, and hand-held shooting is fine.

water fountain

Use the Environment to Help You Compose

When taking a outdoor fountain, especially when shooting a night fountain, it is advisable to incorporate the water fountain into the environment to help you compose the picture. Incorporating some distinctive scenes and lines into the fountain screen will make the picture look fresh and not monotonous.


Have you learned these skills? Welcome you to share with us the beautiful fountain photos .

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