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Do you know music fountain?

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In our daily lives, musical fountains can be seen everywhere. So you know how the musical fountain came from? Let me introduce it to you.

1.Introduction to the music fountain

The musical fountain is a movable fountain which is created for entertainment. It is designed according to aesthetics and often produces 3D effects. With the change of music, the music fountain gives the people of the city a double enjoyment of sight and hearing at night. It is a very romantic and leisurely entertainment project in the fast-paced urban life. 

2.The origin of the musical fountain

In 1930, the German inventor Mr. Otto Pitte first brought out the concept of a fountain. At first he only built small fountains in department stores and restaurants, but after years of development, the design and construction of his musical fountains have become larger and more complicated. Mr. Gende Pistfield had designed and built the fountain with his father before the age of twelve. In the summer of 1952, in the industrial exhibition in West Berlin, a person of America saw the performance of the musical fountain and brought it back to the New York Radio Concert Hall. On January 15th, 1953, the Musical Fountain was performed for the first time in the United States, during which more than 1.5 million people watched it.


3.The development of the musical fountain

Now Mr. Gent Pitts continues to improve his music fountain and popularize them to the world. Years of improvement have greatly reduced the cost of building and repairing musical fountains. Computers have been used in musical fountains to make performances can be more complicated and beautiful.

The computer music fountain reflects the connotation of music and the theme of music through the ever-changing fountain shape combined with colorful lighting. A good musical fountain, its water-shaped changes should be able to fully express the connotation of music. We use a variety of high-tech means, after years of repeated exploration and continuously improvement, so that music fountain has enough technical guarantee. The magician computer music fountain system software developed in 1998 is a model for applying high technology such as computer control technology, computer multimedia technology and music fuzzy analysis processing technology to the fountain system. The magician computer music system uses digital synchronization processing technology to make music and water changes completely in 0.1 seconds, which gives people a satisfactory sensory and auditory effect. The multi-level decentralized control structure and isolation design are adopted to ensure the safety, reliability and stability of the system. The modular design makes the system expandable, compatible, and easy to install and maintain.


The music fountain adds a control system of music which is based on the programmed fountain. The computer decodes and encodes the audio and MIDI signals, and finally outputs the signal to the control system to make the shape and lighting of the fountain change at the same time. Therefore, the change of water type, lighting and color of the fountain perfectly combines with music emotion, which makes the fountain performance more vivid and rich. Music fountain can be changed according to the rise and fall of music. Users can write their own favorite music program in the editing interface. The playback system can achieve a unified atmosphere of music, water and lighting, and play synchronization.

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