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Do you know what is Chinese New Year's Eve?

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Chinese New Year's Eve is the last night of the year. Chinese New Year's Eve is a day to remove the old and clothe the new, reunite the family, and worship ancestors. Together with the Qingming Festival, the Zhongyuan Festival and the Double Ninth Festival, it is a traditional ancestor worship festival in China. New Year's Eve has a special meaning in the hearts of Chinese people. This is the most important day at the end of the year. No matter how far away, the wanderer has to rush home to reunite with his family, bid farewell to the old year with the sound of firecrackers, and welcome the new year with fireworks.


On New Year's Eve, since ancient times, there have been customs such as worshiping ancestors, keeping the year old, reunion dinner, sticking New Year's Eve red, hanging lanterns, etc., which have been passed down for a long time. Influenced by Chinese culture, New Year's Eve is also a traditional festival for Chinese character culture circles and overseas Chinese all over the world.


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