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Dubai Global Village 2019-2020 : Dubai must visit

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The Global Village, just 30 minutes from downtown Dubai, is a cultural and entertainment destination for all ages. The Global Village lasts for about 5 months, from November to April, with live performances, rides, and popular international cuisine. In more than 40 pavilions, you can taste specialities from 70 countries. Children can experience more than 50 rides, and more than 3,500 storefronts offer a diverse shopping experience.


There are many recommended projects in Dubai Global Village: shopping, amusement, food, sightseeing, fireworks, musical fountains, etc. Especially the handicrafts from different countries are very worthy of collection; song and dance performances from different countries (believing it is not anywhere else) To such a comprehensive world national art performance is a complete national national stage), it will make you linger. Both adults and children can have fun.


When we come back for a walk, we can enjoy the performances of various countries. If time goes by, you can take the wonderful views of the countries. If you don't think you have enough, then the atmosphere of the concert will definitely make you excited!

In short, the entire park is arranged in four themes at night. On the main stage, magic, music and opera meet together, and it is impossible to tell whether it is dream or reality.


2019-2020 Dubai Global Village Fountain-Gold Ocean

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