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Geneva Grand Fountain - The Unknown History and Role

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Geneva Grand Fountain - the unknown history and role

The famous Geneva Grand Fountain in Switzerland had existed on the shores of Lake Geneva for 125 years. It attracts countless visitors like a magnet. If you have been to Geneva, you must have seen this iconic water fountain. This majestic mega fountain is on the Lake Geneva, with a jetting height of 140 meters, which is equivalent to the height of three Italian Pisa towers. 500 liters per second is sprayed into the sky, and the amount of water staying in the air is only 7 tons. The water reaches the peak from the nozzle and then returns to the surface of the water, it takes 16 seconds for one round.


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The Geneva Grand Fountain was first built in 1886. The fountain was originally only a few meters to tens of meters high, and its function is only a water pipe pressure reducing valve. In the absence of electricity and other energy sources at the time, water pressure is a driving force. The Geneva watchmaking industry uses hydraulic pressure to drive the machine. But after the workshop is off work or on weekends, the water pipes of the factory must be closed, which will create excessive water pressure in the pipeline. In order to reduce the pressure so that it does not burst due to high pressure, the latest technology that can be thought of in the 19th century is to spray water, which can achieve the effect of decompression and pressure control. This is the prototype and original intention of the big fountain. That is to say, the original function of the Geneva Grand Fountain was to balance and regulate the excessive water pressure in the water-saving pipe or to reduce the pressure of the pipe during the shutdown of the machine.


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It was not until the 1891 Federal Gymnastics Festival that the Geneva government decided to transform the fountain into a tourist attraction that attracted tourists, while increasing the water pressure, thereby increasing the jet height and enabling lighting to add color and atmosphere to the fountain. This outdoor fountain that is seen today is the final modified version in 1951. Two 1000 kW high-powered high-pressure pumps work simultaneously, and 500 liters of water column per second is sprayed at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour to an altitude of 140 meters. The secret of the shape and color of the water column lies in the nozzle of the fountain. A 16 cm diameter nozzle can spray 500 liters of water per second into the air at a pressure of 1.6 million Pascals, so that 7 tons of water can be directed to the sky. Normally, the Grand Fountain is managed by five retired workers at the SIG. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary celebration, the light from the large fountain was replaced with 13 new LED spotlights, which saves more energy and can project 65,000 colors on the water column of the fountain.


For many years, the Great Fountain has been the brightest attraction in Geneva. Geneva is full of vitality and poetry because of it. It is also known as the "liquid statue" of Geneva. Its spectacular scenery can be seen from all parts of Geneva. 

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