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Hot Sale Jumping Jet Fountain

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Jumping Jet fountain can spray interesting water flow from the similar specially-made copper body of bright fountain; the arc water column is smooth, discontinuous, spraying at internals and with less water dispersal. The water shape forms an archway; people can walk and gamble in rows under the jumping fountain without being soaked. It can form curved and continuous water column of 1-7 meters, or short-spar shape, continuous-point bright water column. The difference of bright sprayer is that the light is installed in the sprayer, water will flow steadily in the sprayer, the spouting water column is steady, smooth, no rotary stream and with fewer divergent water drops, and the tracking of light brightness is good. The spouting water column is clear and transparent, bright and clean, twinkling and shining, which like a flowing cryst.al glass column. Adjusting the angle and flow rate of the spraying water can form a continuous curved water column with the radius of 1-7 meters. Not only the adult like it, but also the children like it.

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