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How Musically Operated Fountain Works?

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How Musically Operated Fountain Works?

The musical fountain is a modern combination of beauty and music. It has developed from original simple water fountain to various types fountain, including musically operated one and cinema fountain. It has gone through an evolving journey and has become more exquisite and trendy today. But have you ever thought about how the magical music fountain works? Now we will bring you the answer. 


First, you have to know about the working principle of water fountain. A water fountain is a combination of water or other liquid that has a specific shape sprayed through a nozzle under a certain pressure provided by a water pump. 

As for a musical fountain, by changing the speed of the motor, we can change the pump pressure.

So we only need to change the control end of the motor according to the music of different frequencies. The motor speed changes with the tone, rhythm and intensity of the music can lead to pressure change of the pump. In this way, the pump can control the height of the different sprays of the nozzle to form different shapes. A music control system is added to the program control fountain. The computer decodes and encodes the audio and MIDI signals, and finally outputs the signal to the control system to synchronize the shape and lighting of the fountain with the music.

When people feel all kinds of sound, will unconsciously put these auditory feeling and other than the feeling of the hearing organ, this phenomenon is called synaesthesia. It belongs to a kind of more heterogeneous a homomorphism corresponding phenomenon. In general, treble notes often bright and visual feeling, with positive or happy modal feelings together. On the contrary, the bass express dark, depressed or sad feelings. 

Soothing rhythm makes people experience the emotion of the open space or calm, while rapid rhythm is easy to make people feel cramped and emotional. According to the synaesthesia phenomenon, the arrangement of various water-type fountains is like dance choreography. In order to be successful, the director needs to consider the emotional charm of the dancers in different kinds of body movements.

music fountain

The music fountain has an ever-changing fountain shape, combining with colorful lighting to reflect the connotation and the theme of music. A good musical fountain should change the shape properly to express the music. 

As a musical fountain, it is impossible to perform for a long time in one day. The main reason is that outdoor fountain needs large power consumption. Another reason is that long time performance make it seems less interesting, especially when during the day. The sunlight will overwhelm other colored lights, leading to poor ornament. 

As a scene of a square, the fountain needs to play the role of a fixed attraction in addition to music performances. The fixed water type has the longest use time. Therefore, in the design and selection of the fountain water type, better considering the beauty of the performance music, and also the effect as a still water scene. So different mode control functions are set. 

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