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How To Charge For Music Fountain Design

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How to charge for music fountain design ?

Many customers asked questions about the music fountain design fees such as "how much is music fountain design?", " how to charge a music fountain design"  In fact, there is no uniform standard for the design charging in fountain industry, different company charge different fees.

In view of being asked this question many times, here Gold Ocean Fountain offer a detailed answer for your reference.


Fountain design is usually divided into existing design (that is used in some fountain project) and customized design made for customer according to specific requirements . it will be free if use existing design . It is only charge for special customized fountain design.


1.Why charge for fountain design ?


Speaking of fountain design, there is inline words goes that design is the soul of fountain.

Designers regard the music fountain as carved artwork, they combine the cultural connotation into the water ,light and music, the beautiful water and light, harmonious dancing show the given soul of the design, thus make the water and light live up and demonstrate the life of water artwork . At the same time, due to the integration of the local cultural characteristics , specific customized fountain project is highlighting the design concept, with its uniqueness , having more attractive and distinctive meaning, strongly improving the charm of the local, playing an important role in promotion effect.   

As a work of art, music fountain design test the designer's ability to comprehend and create the art, but also cost them amount of time and energy.That is the reason why the fountain company need to charge for a certain percentage design fee according to the project cost from their  customers.


3.What dose the fountain design reflect ?


Fountain design proposal can reflect fountain design concept, fountain nozzle location, fountain elements , fountain equipment configuration, cable and pipeline direction, electrical construction plans, installation plans, fountain cost , fountain animation and so on .


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