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How to DIY a Garden Fountain?

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How to DIY a Garden Fountain?

The garden fountain looks very beautiful and ornamental. Have you ever thought of making a garden fountain yourself? It sounds challenging but not difficult. This article teaches you how to build a garden fountain.

garden fountain

Step 1: Learn to Construct

The fountain is made up of three parts: water, water pump and a sculpture. This sculpture can be constructed from any material that is subjected to continuous water flow. Regardless of the material of the fountain, the essence of the system is the same. At the beginning, a waterproof bucket or pot is placed in a hole in the ground to serve as a water storage container. Place a hard screen over the basin to prevent large objects from entering the basin. This screen has an auxiliary system made of a strong and water-resistant material, such as a composite cover, which prevents the body of the fountain from slipping off the basin.


The submersible pump is the center of the system. It is located below the waterline in the basin, recirculating and filtering runoff on the ground. Because the pump is electrically driven, the fountain needs to be within the range of an external power outlet. After the fountain is built, it also needs maintenance, so you need to cut an opening in the surface so large that you can reach it, untie the pump, and pull it out. A conduit that delivers water to the top of the sculpture is attached to the pump. It also includes a small ball valve that allows you to adjust the flow of the fountain, whether it is a trickle or a strong spray.


Step 2: Dig a Hole in the Water Pump

Use a pointed shovel to dig a hole two inches deeper than the basin and keep the pump wide enough. Put the soil in a cart or tarpaulin to protect the nearby vegetation. Dig a narrow, shallow drain between the pit and the nearest external power outlet.


Step 3: Place the Basin and Conduit

Place a two-inch thick layer of drained gravel in the pit and place the basin on the gravel layer. If necessary, remove the gravel so that the basin does not shake. Measure the distance between the power outlet and the edge of the pit. According to this distance, cut a section of PVC conduit. Route the wire through the conduit and tie one end of the wire to the pump's pumping unit. Pull the pumping device through the conduit.

pump pit


Step 4: Install Other Parts

Place the pump in the center of the basin, place the screen on top of the pit, mark the socket where the pump has wires, and mark the screen at the edge of the line closest to the tube.


Step 5: Make an Opening

Use a universal cut to cut a one-inch wide circle on the center mark. Then cut a three-sided opening in the marking of the conduit, which is large enough to get you into contact with the pump and move it to pump.


Step 6: Connect the Conduit and Pump

Use a pipe cutter to cut an opening at the end of the copper tube. Unscrew the pressure fitting at the end of the ball valve, slide a nut of the ball valve, insert the catheter into one end of the ball valve, and then squeeze the nut onto the valve with a finger on the metal toe cap. Turn the screw end of the adapter to the water outlet of the pump. Place a two-inch thick layer of gravel at the bottom of the basin, place the pump in the center of the basin, and have an upright conduit. Slide the screen over the catheter and position it so that the interface cover is close to the conduit.

pump pit

Step 7: Place the Board

Use a hand saw to cut the board, which is long enough to straddle both sides of the pit and a few more inches. Place the board on the screen and across the pit.


Step 8: Drilling the Stone

Use stones to build a beautiful shape. When you separate them, mark each stone with a pencil and record the order. Place the stone on a soft ground or gravel. Use a drill to make a hole through the smooth back of the stone. Repeat this action for all stones.


Step 9: Install the Fountain

Let the stones pass through the catheter until they are stacked and balanced. Mark the position of the catheter at the end of the stone. Move the top stone and cut the catheter 1/4 inch below the mark with a pipe cutter. Then fill the bucket with a rubber hose and add enough water to be 5 inches above the pump. Open the ball valve, insert the pump, and open to check the water flow. Such a garden fountain is ready.

water fountain

The above is the step of doing your own garden fountain. Have you learned it? Please contact us if you have any confusion.


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