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How to Maintain the Music Fountain?

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How to Maintain the Music Fountain?

The music fountain combines the gentle of water and the liveliness of music, which bring you a beautiful enjoyment. The design and construction of the musical fountain is a long-term project, but few people care about the post-maintenance work of the musical fountain. Below we summarize the eight points about the daily maintenance of the music fountain, hope it can help you.


The Main Maintenance of the Music Fountain is the Fountain Pump

The fountain pump works for a long time, so the daily maintenance of the water fountain pump is very necessary. If the fountain pump is working for 500 hours, the pump body of the fountain pump needs to be taken out for lubrication maintenance. Due to the long-term rotation of the fountain pump, its lubrication function will be weakened. Therefore, the regular addition of lubricating oil can avoid the friction of the fountain pump during long-term work, otherwise it will cause overload operation and affect the service life of the water fountain.

2. The wires of the music fountain should also be checked regularly, because the fountain is operated in the water, so there will be problems such as electric leakage when the wire is aging and damaged, which will easily lead to electric shock. Regular maintenance of wires and circuits ensures the safety of the water fountain.


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3.When the weather turns cold, the water fountains in most areas of the north will enter the stop-and-spray phase. How to pass the dormant period of the fountain is related to the effect of the future. Therefore, after the fountain stops spraying , the fountain maintenance should be done well.


4.Professional people should be used to repair the music fountain. The maintenance and repair of electrical equipment should be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power. If special circumstances require live working, safety protection measures should be taken. Special parts should be guarded by special personnel.


5. Water fountain underwater lights should be inspected monthly and tighten loose screws, especially running springs. It is necessary to avoid short circuit caused by water entering the fountain underwater light body. Underwater lamp replacement must be carried out under water-free conditions and the bolts are fastened securely.


6. The music fountain spare equipment should be started regularly to prevent the performance of the equipment from declining.


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7. The water fountain submersible pump must discharge the cooling water during the winter deactivation to prevent the ice from damaging the pump body. The water pump suction port should be cleaned every month to prevent dirt from clogging the suction port, reducing work efficiency and even causing damage to the equipment.  


8. The connection of the waterproof cable must be carried out under water-free conditions, and three layers of protection are provided with waterproof tape, insulating tape and high-voltage insulating tape. Check the aging of wire and cable every six months to prevent unnecessary losses.


The above is the daily maintenance of the music fountain. Have you learned it? Follow us for more knowledge of the fountain.

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