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How to Make a Dancing Fountain?

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How to Make a Dancing Fountain?

The shape of the dance fountain water is caused by various factors such as different combinations of different types of nozzles and different angles of the nozzles. Different types of spray nozzles of different types, such as water column / water belt / water line / water curtain / water film / water mist / blisters. The dance fountain looks beautiful and attractive. But making a fountain is not a simple matter. Do you know how to make a dance water fountain? This article makes you no longer confused.

Dancing water fountain

The Composition of the Dance Fountain

A dance fountain consists of many parts. As long as the various parts are prepared, the fountain can be set up. The main accessories are as follows:

Fountain nozzle: We need to define the number, type, position, height and starting angle of all the sprinklers in the console fountain.

Pump: Choose a dry pump or submersible pump, depending on the type of dance fountain you are making.

Nozzles: This choice is crucial for the further development of water dances that can be performed by dance fountains.

Solenoid valves: We must determine which nozzles will be controlled by the solenoid valve, as this will determine the interaction with each water jet and ultimately determine the power of the musical fountain.

Fountain lighting: The type of diving light is chosen between LEDs or filaments.

Fountain accessories: In order to design the control panel, all other accessories of the dance fountain should be considered, such as any other facilities such as an anemometer or a level controller.

water fountain equipment


3D Dancing Water Fountain Animation

Does the 3D fountain animation have a better way to show the dance fountain and watch its operation before installation? A picture of the place where the musical fountain will be built. You can virtualize the dance fountain in 3D without the background and match it with the corresponding music.


Control Panel Design

How to control the speed of fountains and music? We can choose DMX or PLC technology first, you can always use the DMX protocol by integrating the computer in the control panel. It is an electronic protocol for lighting technology that controls program lighting and allows communication between the light control device and the light source. In the case of a musical fountain, we use the DMX protocol and specific software to integrate music arrangement with water scapes and lights.

muscial foutain


In the fountain making process, if you encounter professional problems, you can read the manual or consult the professional fountain supplier. Before starting the water fountain, make sure that all the components are intact and not loose. If any abnormality occurs during use, you should stop using it. Then check the details.


We hope to help you understand the steps we take to make a water fountain.If you encounter any problems while making a musical fountain, you can consult our professional fountain experts and we will be happy to help you solve various fountain problems.

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