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How to Repair and Maintain the Water Fountain

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Now in the city, water fountains can be seen commonly in the gardens and scenic areas. So learning some ways to repair and maintain the water fountain is necessary. Because if the normal working fountain once appears, the fault will affect the fountain display.


The maintenance of fountain equipment mainly includes the inspection of fountain equipment installation fountain equipment and the replacement of fountain equipment and the cleaning of fountain equipment. The professionally trained personnel evaluate the fountain maintenance personnel every six months and strengthen the use management.


Fountain Pump


The source of the fountain is the fountain pump. The fountain pump always works for a long time. So the daily maintenance of the fountain pump is very necessary. If the fountain pump is working for 500 hours, the pump body of the fountain pump needs to be taken out for lubrication maintenance. Due to the long-term rotation of the fountain pump, its lubrication function will be weakened. Therefore, the regular addition of lubricating oil can avoid the friction of the fountain pump during long-term work, otherwise it will cause overload operation and affect the service life of the fountain.


fountain pump

The Fountain Wires


In addition, the wires of the fountain should be checked regularly. Because the fountain is operated in the water, there will have many problems such as electric leakage when the wire is aging or damaged. And this may easily lead to electric shock if there have someone nearby the water at that time. So checking the cable regularly seems very important. For the local cracks within a small range, after cleaning and descaling the cable surface, it can be waterproofed by waterproof tape. However, remember after soaking for a few hours, check the insulation with a shaker. Commissioned. Replace the main cable that is not suitable for insulation or which can not be used anymore. This can ensure the safety of the fountain cable.



Fountain Underwater Lights


Fountain underwater lights should be inspected monthly. Remember tighten the loose screws, especially running springs. It is necessary to avoid short circuit caused by water entering the fountain underwater light body. Underwater lamp replacement must be carried out with water-free conditions and the bolts are fastened securely.


underground lights

Professional Maintenance Personnel

Professional maintenance personnels must maintain the fountain equipment regularly. And the electrical equipment maintenance personnels must hold the professional employment certificate. What’s more, the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment shall be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply. If you have special circumstances need on-site working, be sure to take safety protection measures. It is better to let special personnels to . tutorship with the maintenance personnels.


The Waterproof Cable

The waterproof cable must be connected under the water-free conditions and protected by three layers of waterproof tape, insulating tape and high-voltage insulating tape. Check the aging of wires and cables that are not in the water every six months to avoid unnecessary losses.


If you do well in the maintenance work of water fountain, not only can keep the fountain running normally, but also prolong the service life of the fountain. At the same time, it can avoid the accident of the fountain effectively. Fountain maintenance is an important part of the work during the fountain operation time.

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