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How to install a fountain?

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How to install a fountain?

Is there anything more relaxing than the quiet, steady burble of flowing water? Large or small, indoors or out, a fountain adds grace, beauty and serenity to almost any setting. It can also be a surprisingly low cost home improvement.


Installing a fountain can involve as much or as little work as you want. You can work from a kit that assembles all the components for you (although you'll lose some flexibility in terms of design). Or, once you understand how the different components fit together, you can construct your own fountain from available materials including the earth in your backyard.

But first things first: you should know what you're getting into. Different fountains work best in different places tables, walls, floors, patios, gardens. No amount of tinkering will make your table strong enough to support a floor fountain, or keep the end result from looking awkward as well as unstable. And no table fountain will look anything but diminutive if you install it on a floor. Look around to find a fountain in the appropriate scale for your setting. Think about materials —— stone, slate, bamboo, granite —— that will coordinate with the rest of your decor.


As you choose the location for your fountain, you can start to install a water fountain.


water fountain


Before The Fountain Is Installed

Check the pool, the surface of the pool is flat and there is no uneven phenomenon. The surface of the water pool is dry, and there are no sundries or residues on the base layer. The mud and the hard tile need to be cleaned. Be sure the pool does not crack, after the water is stored in the poor, check the pool for leakage. If there is a leakage, the poor needs to be rebuilt. Check the water inlet and outlet for installation, and the design shall be beautiful and reasonable. Clean up the control room and check if the total power supply is installed and the underground pipe from the control room to the water fountain pool is installed.



When The Fountain Is Installed

There are two kinds of water fountain pipes: galvanized pipe and stainless steel pipe. When the pipe is installed, the pipes are connected with flange and fastened with matching bolts. After the connection, it should be firm and smooth. The bending radian of the pipe bend shall be appropriate, and cracks and wrinkles shall not be present.

The pipe should be placed flat in the pool, otherwise it will affect the effect of the flow of water. Make sure there is an adequate straight section between the spray head and the pipe. The spray head is upright and the direction is accurate to increase the spraying effect. The pipe must have a special welding process, and after welding, it should be checked and repaired and ground with a special grinding wheel. Color lights and pumps should be connected to the control room with special cables.


water fountain


After The Fountain Is Installed

After the water fountain is installed, it needs to be debugged, turn on the control system, check whether the color lamp emits color light, whether the rotating direction of the water fountain nozzle is in place, whether the intensity of water flow injection is consistent, and whether the pump is working well.

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