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Introduction of common fountain water features (Part 2)

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Water is the source of life.

Humans have always had a special affection for water.

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Fountain dynamic and static combination.

It has won the love of people with its beautiful water posture.
The shadow of the fountain is inseparable from the park, the street, and the scenic spot.

So do you know the names of these various fountain water features?


7. Running Straight Spray

Running Straight Spray is named from its performance. The consecutive nozzles standing in line spray one by one which looks that they are running and chasing. It applies independent solenoid value for each nozzle to realize the running effect features.

8. Interlaced Swing Spray

Interlaced swing spray is made up with two rows of swing nozzles which are fixed on the bracket. Driven by the underwater motor, ths nozzles sway by transmission shaft. It has become one of the necessary water features in dancing fountain.

9. Seagull Swing Spray
Seagull Swing Spray is made up with two rows of swing nozzles which are fixed on the bracket. Driven by the underwater motor, the nozzles sway by transmission shaft. It looks like the wings of seagull. Seagull swing spray make the fountain's performance more vivid and flexible.

10. Water Screen Movie

Water Screen Movie is made up with 2 systems:

1) Water screen generating system
2) Projecting system
Powered by high-pressure pumps, the water screen generator produces a transparent water screen, which has a special 3D optical effect upon the movie projected on it. The Projector show the video or images on the transparent water screen from the rear side, which has a special 3D effect for the people.
- Spray height from 5m to 15m or above
- Suitable for water pool, lake and sea
- SS304 and SS316 available

11. Fire jet
Fire jet could produce a very special visual effect when it perform together with water features.
1) Fire Jet-LPG Type
- Use LPG as fuel
- Spray height 3-4m
2) Fire Jet-Oil Type
- Use Isopar as fuel
- Spray height 6-8m

The above contents are some common fountain water features, and GOFountain has not listed some water features with relatively few applications. Interested friends can contact us for more in-depth communication.

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