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Looking For Risks And Misunderstandings Of Music Fountain Design Companies

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West Lake Music Fountain, Dubai Music Fountain... More and more music fountains have become landmark buildings recently, and at one time it has also set off the trend of music fountain manufacturing. The bigger the project is, the more cautious it is to choose a fountain design company. If you are inadvertently, you will fall into an infinite renovation. When looking for a music fountain design company, there will be some risks and misunderstandings. Here, share your experience with you:

Risk 1: Fountain design company without independent fountain original design team;

Risk 2: Lack of perfect after-sales service;

The music fountain company's strength is uneven. After the problem with the music fountain, some even could not maintain the fountain in time, and even could not contact the company. Therefore, we must comprehensively consider the strength of the music fountain design company, there are several directions:

1. Cases of previous fountain design projects:

The music fountain project case and experience represent the overall strength of the company to a certain extent.

2. Grade qualification:

The classification of fountain grades is assessed from the comprehensive capital of the fountain company's registered capital, contract quota, base strength and level, equipment and application level, and management level. Therefore, we must pay attention to the registration qualification before cooperation.


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