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Measures That Companies Should Prepare for Fountain Hibernation Mode

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Measures That Companies Should Prepare for Fountain Hibernation Mode

Recently, the weather has turned cold slowly. Everyone knows that some animals will choose the hibernation mode when they enter the winter. Recently, large-scale musical fountains in various parts of the country, especially in some northern cities, have issued announcements of stop-spraying to maintain the musical fountains, open the hibernation mode of fountains, let the fountains can operate normally after winter. What measures does the fountain equipment manufacturers normally need to prepare when the fountain is deactivated?


Released the Jacket Water

The fountain in the river and lake should descend their overall floating equipment below the ice surface to prevent it from being cracked. If it is a pool or a dryland fountain, the water in the pipeline should be drained before the fountain is stopped working. The fountain submersible pump must also illuminate the jacket water during the winter deactivation to avoid freezing damage to the pump body.

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Due to climatic factors in the south of China, most of the fountains can operate normally, but the fountain maintenance and repair work should also be done. The main maintenance is to protect the fountain pump. The fountain pump works for a long time, so the daily maintenance of the fountain pump is very necessary. If the fountain pump is working for 500 hours, the pump body needs to be taken out for lubrication maintenance. Due to the long-term rotation of the fountain pump, its lubrication function will be weakened. Therefore, the regular addition of lubricating oil can avoid the friction of the fountain pump during long-term work, otherwise it will cause overload operation and affect the service life of the fountain. At the same time, the suction port of the pump should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt from clogging the suction port, which will reduce its work efficiency and even causing equipment damages.


Regular Inspection of Fountain Cable Wires

Since the fountain is operated in the water, there are many problems such as electric leakage may occur when the wire is aging and damaged. Then, it is easy to cause an electric shock. So we should check the cable regularly. For the local cracks with a small range, after cleaning and descaling the cable surface, it can be waterproofed by waterproof tape. However, after soak the cable for a few hours, remember check the insulatior with a shaker. It can be put into operation after meeting the requirements. Replace the main cable which is poor or no insulation value to ensure the safety of the fountain cable. Be care for that the connection of the waterproof cable must be carried out under water-free conditions, and three layers of protection are provided with waterproof tape, insulating tape and high-voltage insulating tape. Fountain underwater lights should be inspected regularly and tightened loose screws, especially running fountain. It is necessary to avoid short circuit caused by water entering the fountain underwater light body. Underwater lamp replacement should be carried out under water-free conditions and the bolts should be fastened securely. The fountain spare equipment should be started up regularly (the frequency of use is changed every day, and if it has a low frequency of use only need to change before it operating), to prevent the performance of the equipment from deteriorating. Finally, it is necessary to clean the water in the debris to prevent blockage of the fountain equipment.


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The maintenance work of the fountain can not only keep the fountain running normally, but also extend the service life of the fountain, and at the same time avoid the accidents of the fountain effectively.

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