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Multimedia Musical Dancing Water Fountain

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Finish Time:  January of 2014

Country: Bahrain


This is a 30m diameter multimedia musical dancing fountain project we manufactured and installed for five star Rotana hotel in Bahrain. This fountain consist of 10 groups of water features, 387 nozzles and 394 underwater RGB lights in total. All these water features and lights can dance with the music rhythm and beat, so it is very dynamic and interactive.


Multimedia Musical Dancing Water Fountain

Multimedia-Musical-Dancing-Water-Fountain02Multimedia Musical Dancing Water Fountain

Specially, there are 4 fire jets in this fountain design. Fire jet is one of the most special fountain features for the performance. Instead of using the water, it applies the fire to express the beauty of fountain. Intergrated with the water features, this fontain shows the coexistence of fire and water and the harmony of the nature.

Applying multimedia computer and software system, client can edit and change the water feature’s  performance according to different music freely.

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