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Music Dancing Floor Fountain Project Located in Kazan, Russia

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Music Dancing Floor Fountain Project Located in Kazan, Russia

This project is located in Kazan, Russia. It is a 27*27*10m Triangle Shape Music Dancing Floor Fountain, consist of 4 groups of water jets, 76pcs of straight spray nozzles, 152pcs of multicolored LED lights and 7pcs of submersible pumps. 

Floor Fountain is named from its installatin form. Different from the normal fountains installed in water ponds, floor fountain is installed underground with normal ground surface. When the fountians working, beads of water spray from the underground and flutter in the air, the fountain ground shines like a mirror under the light's irradiation, which can strongly catch passerby' eyes. When it stops, the fountain ground reurns to pedestrain walkway or public square which does not affect the traffic condition.


jet water fountain

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