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Music Fountain Control System - Playing Music

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The fountain always brings beautiful enjoyment, but the fountain should also be well maintained, which can ensure the normal use of the fountain and even extend the service life of the fountain.


The most important thing to maintain a fountain is the fountain pump. It is the simplest device for making fountains. It is usually used in the beautification of the city, etc., to create a good place for people to enjoy leisure and even cool and summer. The fountain pump is long-term, so the daily maintenance of the fountain pump is very necessary.


If the fountain pump is working for 500 hours, the pump body of the fountain pump needs to be taken out for lubrication maintenance. Due to the long-term rotation of the fountain pump, its lubrication function will be weakened. Therefore, the regular addition of lubricating oil can avoid the friction of the fountain pump during long-term work, otherwise it will cause overload operation and affect the service life of the fountain.

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