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Rain Room Custom Fountain Curtain

It's raining but you won't get wet go and experience a heavy rain never wet you.
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It's raining but you won't get wet go and experience a heavy rain never wet you.

Rain Room can be seen as an amplified representation of our environment. 

Human presence prevents the rain from falling, creating a unique atmosphere and exploring how human relationships to each other and to nature are increasingly mediated through technology.

Upon entering the installation, visitors are simultaneously exposed to and protected from the water falling all around. 

Although the sound and smell of the rain are intense, its touch remains absent leaving visitors dry within a continual downpour as they navigate the space.

In a closed room with heavily man-made rain. 

When people go inside, the sound and semll of the rain are intense, and people can feel they are in the down pour but won’t get wet. 

We apply the 3D tracking cameras and continually detect the location of the people in the rain room, and control the rain to make sure people won’t get wet. 

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company information


1. What services do you provide?
Our services include fountain design, fountain manufacturing, on site installation guidence, operation & maintenance training and 12-month warranty and life-long technicial support.

2. what do you need to make a fountain proposal?
To provide you most suitable proposal, we need below fountain information:
a. Fountain Type(music dancing, non-music control, static)
b. Fountain Site(Lake or River, Concrete Water Pool)
c. Fountain Size & Water Depth(Length & Width, Diameter, picture or CAD drawing)
d. Power Supply(voltage, frequency, single phase or 3 phase)
e. Target Budget (if you have)
f. Special Requirements (if you have)

3. What's the method of payment?
T/T, L/C, Western Union are available for us.

4. How long is the delivery time?
Normally the delievery time is 25~40 days after received advance payment.

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