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Running / Jumping / Musical / Dancing Fountain

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Basic Info

Material:Stainless Steel
Style:Music Fountain/Non-Music Fountain
Trademark: GO
Specification: ISO9001 & CE
Origin: Suzhou China

We are the Excellent Supplier of Musical, Interactive, Architectural Fountain in China, we are absorbed in developing, producing and designing of waterscape fountain, program controlled fountain, musical dancing fountain, laser water curtain film, garden fountain, etc. We provide whole set of complete service system from engineering design to making, installation and regulation. 

We offer the best expertise, knowledgeable consultation and a full technical support regardless the project is a simple architectural feature or a complex water theater. Our fountain projects have exported to 49 countries with professional experience in installation of fountain project overseas. 

Into the in water, Wonderful in the water! 

From the ninties of the last century, now one by one at home and abroad over the fountain model works, GO 10+ years of hard work, science and technology as the guide, in pursuit of the art in order to faith-based, fast-growing sector for the waterscape fountain, one of the most bright brands! 

"Water is the soul, and water dance display the charm of the water, creating water myth" is a water feature builders eternal dream is to enjoy the water features were constant expectation of the ancient, but also the most persistent and firm GO pursuit. 

Love water, love life! Love beauty, love GO!

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