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Running Water Fountain

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The running fountain is the spouting fountain composed by many straight flow nozzles, and the computer controls the water spouting from each nozzle through the electro-magnetic valve, and water shapes of over 20 types could be created. Sometimes the water flies fast from one end to the other end, sometimes the water flows tremendously from the two sides to the center, sometimes the water flows in large scale from the center to the two ends. The water column is high and straight with fast speed, and the vigor is like the wind and the cloud. Especially at the instance when the water columns are striking with each other, the pure white water foam are just like the fog flowing in the sky , and the roaring sound is so moving, which fully reflects the strong positive vigor and the spirit of living with the sky & the earth and brilliant like the sun & the moon. It is very suitable for large scale spouting fountain.


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