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The Application of Garden Water Fountain Features in Residential Areas

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The Application of Garden Water Fountain Features in Residential Areas

Nowadays, there are many beautiful garden water fountains in the residential areas. And many people like to set up the garden water fountains in their living area because of the benefits which is brought by the garden fountains.


The Benefits of The Garden Water Fountains


1.    Has the role of beautifying the space environment.

As the environmental composition and architectural space of the residential community, the garden waterscape consists of waterfalls, water curtains, mirror pools, streams, cascades, fountains, springs, and so on. Which is creating a winding path in the garden. If it can combined with the 3D water flow shape which is formed by the music and light, will not only highlight the artistic effects of buildings and art sculptures in residential quarters, but also can promote the creation and beautification of the overall atmosphere of the community.

2.    Improve community climate.

The garden waterscape is actually a wetland, which can generally play the role of purifying the air, so that the air in the scenic spot is cleaner, fresher and more humid, which can let the residents feel comfortable, energetic and eliminate irritability.

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3.    Help to diversify the plants and animals in the residential areas.

The garden waterscape provides an essential living space with the confortable temperature, humidity and food for a variety of aquatic animals and plants. Therefore, the waterscape creates the necessary external conditions for the biodiversity of the residential community.

4.    Provide the residents with an entertainment venue.

Some streams, fountains and shallow mirror lakes in the garden waterscape are often easy to become the recreational activities for residents. Especially in the summer, the unique cooling function of the water fountain makes it become a good place for summer to cool the body.

5.    Provide additional fire protection water.

When a fire breaks out, getting water nearby it will be an inevitable choice for fire disaster relief. At this time, the water fountains in the residential community will likely become the best choice for water firefighting.


The Main Problems to be Considered in the Maintenance of Garden Water Fountains


1.    Technical reliability problem.

The NARS theory has matured on the basis of years of multidisciplinary research and practice. The traditional garden waterscape maintenance technologies, such as physical methods and chemical methods, are constantly improving their own defects in environmental protection issues. With the application of microbial methods, aquatic and plant system repair methods and biological floating island methods, the technical reliability problems in maintenance mainly exist in the treatment according to local conditions. For example, the aquatic plant method and the microbial method are often used together in small flowing water areas. However, the biological floating island law will receive the best results only in closed water areas.

2.    Environmental integrity problem.

The garden waterscape gives people a strong sense of enjoyment, and its quiet and elegant environment is its most attractive feature. Therefore, in the maintenance process of the waterscape and after the maintenance, we should let the damage to the overall atmosphere and landscape of the garden waterscape be minimized. The use of machine work has made the overallity of the garden waterscape suffer a certain degree of damages which are both in visual viewing and in listening enjoyment. However, if you use the chemical work, it tends to be effective for operation. But it will affect the integrity of the garden waterscape in the sense of smell. Different from the above two types, the ecological work will plant aquatic plants (such as water lilies, calamus, lotus, etc.), which is no more than one-third of the surface of the water. Besides, it will implant mixed strains to form a complete and recyclable green ecosystem, so that the water will not only be more beautiful, but also has a certain self-cleaning function.

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Above all, the water fountains in the residential areas play an important role to let people feel happy and are willing to live in.

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