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The Development Level Of Water Fountain

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     With the continuous improvement of the material and spiritual living standards of our people, many kinds of music fountain can be seen in the civic squares, units and residents ' living quarters of Chinese cities. The Fountain of Music, as the name implies, refers to the water form of the fountain according to the rhythm and rhythm of the music played regularly changes, supplemented by light, laser or other media changes, in people's vision and hearing to form a harmonious unity, so that people in the spirit of a pleasant feeling.Water Fountain

     The musical fountain has a variety of forms, which can be divided into the following categories: Ornamental Fountain: Music program-controlled fountain (divided into Waterscape control, lighting control, Waterscape + lighting control, etc.), running spring, water curtain film, laser performance fountain, Volcano Fountain, program-controlled small scene, atomized landscaping, stage mobile water features, sculpture fountains, waterfalls, Super-high fountain and so on; The game participates in the fountain: Jumps the spring, the Pearl Fountain, The fountain Labyrinth, the voice-activated fountain, the step spring, the movement fountain, the time tunnel and so on; family fountain landscape.Water Fountain

     Music fountain involves a wide range of professional, including music signal analysis, water supply and drainage, electrical control, communication, camera technology, computer automatic control, three-dimensional animation production and network communication technology. So the music fountain is a highly integrated industry. The successful implementation of a musical fountain project requires the close cooperation of the professional engineering and technical personnel. Water Fountain

     In the process, the acquisition of music signal is accomplished by the music Digital Acquisition Analyzer with DSP chip, while the data acquisition is completed, the signal collected by the music collecting analyzer will be transformed into a specific law based on the elements and characteristics of the music signal according to the algorithm of the analysis music to the digital signal output to the central control station. -Industrial computer.Water Fountain

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