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The Differences Between Ordinary Fountain and Musical Fountain

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The fountains built in the past are all simple manual controls. They usually use various patterns of air-opening to control fountains. Even some ordinary fountains have only one way of working operation. You only should send the power to the fountains, then they will start working until the power was cut off artificially. Under the current social progress, compared to the ways of the new type fountains such as musical fountains working operation, that approach is already a backward technology. 

So what the detail differences between the ordinary fountain and the musical fountain? And how can we transform old-style ordinary fountains into today's popular musical fountains on an old basis?


Main Control Mode of The Fountain Pump


Previously constructed fountains were all controlled by a single control or multi-switch. Although these controls are different from the musical fountains on the surface, there is little difference in the nature of the circuit arrangement. The relay is used to control the pump work. The main connection method of the pump is basically the same. The current music fountain is similar in the main line control of the water pump. It only used the inverter control method. The basic wiring is just replacing the previous AC contactor with the current inverter control. 


water pump


The Fountain Water Column Pattern


The old-style ordinary fountain only has single water column pattern. It has no outstanding features, but only spray water. Nowadays, the music fountain is complex and varied, and it can dance with different musics at the same time. In addition to cooperate with the lighting, you can completely experience the joy of the musical fountain in the realm of dreams. 

muscial foutain 

Basic Transformation 


Actually, the ordinary fountain doesn’t have many differences of the foundation from the current musicial fountain. It is only added the lights on the basis foundation. Therefore, To the transform the old fountain modern to the musicial fountain only should add some beautiful lighting on the original basis. 



Fountain Control                                 


The old fountain control is just a simple control box with a switch or more than dozen switches. Of course, the function is also very simple, because if there are many switches, the operation will become very difficult at that time. The modern musicial fountain is easy to control. It adopts high-technology control methods such as plc, frequency converter, running spring control, etc.. Besides, it can be controlled follows the music to change the water column pattern of the musical fountain. And the operation is very convenient, you just need to select the musics to play, then click on the start button, the fountain can start working with the melody of the song. When the song finished playing, it will automatically stop, which reduces the cumbersomeness of the artificial, gives us more entertainment. 


Above all, we can know that to convert a ordinary fountain into a musical fountain, the infrastructure should be overhauled and can work normally. Besides, the required lighting can be turned on. Next adjust the original pump control line of the fountain. Then replace it with a modern automatic music fountain controller for connection control. Finally install the sound, which will make the fountain more visual.

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