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The History of the musical fountain

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The History of the musical fountain

The musical fountain is a movable fountain created for entertainment. It is designed according to aesthetics and often produces 3D effects. During this process, the water flow is manipulated, scattered and refracted, and a 3-dimensional picture is created. The Music Fountain adds a beautiful visual and auditory feast to the people of the city at night. It is a very romantic and leisurely entertainment project in the fast-paced urban life. The following is a brief introduction to the history of musical water fountains.


In 1930, the German inventor Mr. Otto Pitte first brought out the concept of a water fountain. At first he built small fountains only in department stores and restaurants, and after years of development, the design and construction of his musical fountains has become larger and complicated.

Mr. Gende Pistfield had designed and built the fountain with his father before the age of twelve. In the summer of 1952, at the industrial exhibition in West Berlin, an American saw the performance of the musical fountain and brought it back to New York radio music hall. On January 15, 1953, the musical fountain was first performed in the United States, with more than 1.5 million people watching during the performance. Now Mr. Gent Pitts continues to improve his musical fountains and push them around the world. Years of improvement have greatly reduced the cost of construction and maintenance. Computers have been used in musical fountains to make their performances more complex and beautiful.


The fountain was originally purely functional and connected to springs or aqueducts to provide drinking water and bathing water for urban and rural residents. Until the late 19th century, most fountains were operated by gravity and required a higher source of water than a fountain, such as a reservoir or aqueduct, which allowed water to flow or spray into the air.

In addition to providing drinking water, fountains are also used to decorate and celebrate their builders. The Roman water fountain is decorated with bronze or stone animals or heroic masks. Moorish and Muslim garden designers used fountains to create a miniature version of the paradise garden. The Baroque decorative fountains of Rome in the 17th and 18th centuries marked the arrival of the restored Roman aqueduct and provided glory to the popes who built them.


Nowadays, through the program control system and music control system, the music is programmed to combine the fountain shape with the music melody and lighting to produce ever-changing water features, reflecting the music connotation and theme. The sound, light, color and shape of the music fountain are beautiful. For example, the performance on the stage stimulates people's contemplative emotions and enjoys the artistic enjoyment of water beauty. The music fountain is mainly used in performance venues such as large squares, theme parks, artificial lakes and playgrounds.

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