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The Safety Hazard of The Fountain

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As the temperature rises, fountains in various places such as shopping malls, communities, and parks are starting to work. The fountain is a natural landscape and is a ground outcrop of confined water. The fountain can moisten the surrounding air, reducing dust and lowering the temperature. The tiny droplets of the fountain collide with the air molecules which produce a large amount of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, the fountain is good for improving the city's appearance and keeping the physical and mental health of the residents. Everyone knows that fountains are beautiful and can give us happiness, but few people know that fountains are also a safety hazard.


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Security risks


First, there is a risk of leakage in the fountain. The most common hidden danger of fountains is the wires. If there have some wires exposed in the water fountain, it is not standardized. Once the wires leak, the fountain water will be charged, which will cause a safety accident. The most standard practice is that the wires in the fountain are buried underground, but most fountains cannot do this because it will cause difficulties in maintenance.


Secondly, the jet of water from the fountain has a certain injurious power. According to statistics, a fountain mouth with a diameter of less than two centimeters can spray up to 10 meters of water column. Its jetting force is more than 3 kilograms. When the fountain suddenly opens or pressurizes, the sprayed water column strike force can even increase to more than ten times. The thicker of the water column is, the higher the height is, the impact force will be stronger and the corresponding will increase in the degree of danger.


Additionally, a considerable part of the fountain's water renewal is not timely, and some even do not change the water for a year, which injected the water from spring, until the late autumn would be changed. And if this water in the fountain is exposed to the outdoors for a long time, it will become a hotbed of bacteria, the water even will change its color and smell. Although these degraded waters will not influence the normal people’s health, if they are contaminated on the wound and are not treated in time, there will be festering.


Besides, moss slippery will let us easy to wrestle and hurt. The fountain arounding environment is very suitable for the growth of moss. In summer, it is easy to slip on the bare feet. With the dirty water quality, if people’s skin contacts with it for a long time, it is easy to infect bacteria and fungi, which can cause skin problems. Especially children who may not wash their hand after touch this water, if they eat into their body, it will easy to cause the diarrhea.


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Safety Warning


Landscape pools or fountains in public places are not suitable for playing. To stay away from the fountain, parents should take care of their minors and do not take their children around the fountain to play with water. When you feel the stinging, numbness, etc. after touching the fountain, you should get rid of the water as soon as possible to avoid electric shock. If your child play with water, remember let them to have a shower.

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