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The world's three most expensive fountains, the most expensive $20 billion!!!

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The fountain is a central part of the royal architecture and architecture, symbolizing the respect for guests entering the royal buildings and palaces. In today's article, we will discuss the three most expensive fountains. They were built with a lot of money, and of course they took a lot of engineering time. If you have money or leisure, you must put them on your travel destination list.

3 Dubai: Dubai Music Fountain

The Dubai Fountain- $218 million


The $218 million Dubai Musical Fountain is 25% larger than the Bellagio Fountain in the United States, making it the world's largest musical fountain. It has a total length of 275 meters and can be sprayed up to 150 meters, quite a height of 50 floors. The fountain will spray 22,000 gallons of water with 6600 lights and 50 color projectors. It has more than 1,000 kinds of changes, which can be said to be veritable and ever-changing. Its spraying action is not rigid. On the contrary, it is like dancing an elegant dance in front of people. It is accompanied by several Arabic and songs from all over the world.

According to the official, the Dubai Fountain's lights can be seen anywhere within 20 miles, making it the brightest spot in the Middle East.

2 Russia: Grand Peterhof Palace Grand Cascade Fountain


The Summer Palace fountain and grand palace were built between 1714 and 1724. They have been designed and expanded by dozens of famous architects and outstanding gardeners, located in St. Petersburg, Russia. There is a golden structure around the fountain, and the water ejects from all directions, shaped like a beautiful flower. The Grand Cascade Fountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia. This palace is particularly charming because of this awesome fountain of art.

1 Korea: Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Banpo Bridge, Seoul

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain- $20 billion


The Hanjiang Panpu Bridge is a diving bridge that spans the north and south of the Han River and has a total length of 7.2km. The west side is the Hannan Bridge and the east side is the Tongque Bridge. The No. 1 Banpu Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain was included in the Guinness World Record for the world's longest cross-river bridge fountain in 2008. There are about 10,000 spouts in the fountain, and the total amount of water shot per minute is close to 190 tons. The moonlight rainbow fountains have different aesthetics during the day and night. During the day, with the change of water flow, there are more than one hundred kinds of shapes such as willow and catkins. These beautiful pictures composed of water droplets are beautiful and varied, and they are dizzying. Since the Korean drama "Flower Man" was taken over here, it has instantly become one of the best romantic sites in Korea.

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