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Water Column Pool Laminar Jets Fountain

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Water Column Pool Laminar Jets Fountain

The laminar jets fountain is also known as the laminar fountain . When the fountain is spraying, the water column is arched and the whole water body is smooth. The water column does not splash or disperse. It sprays along the set trajectory, and the arc-shaped wavy water line emerges through the pool. Built-in low-pressure intensity light source, the water body is bright, and the light follows the water wave, like an optical fiber, and it is colorful. The span of the large wave light fountain can reach 5-6 meters, and the span of the medium and small wave light fountain can be set according to requirements.
The installation quantity of the jumping spring can be increased or decreased according to the actual needs of the environment. It can be formed by a single root, or combined with multiple branches, and can be installed on the sidewalk. Laminar jets is mainly used in hotels or shopping centers, gardens and various water parks.


1. What services do you provide?
Our services include fountain design, fountain manufacturing, on site installation guidence, operation & maintenance training and 12-month warranty and life-long technicial support.

2. what do you need to make a fountain proposal?
To provide you most suitable proposal, we need below fountain information:
a. Fountain Type(music dancing, non-music control, static)
b. Fountain Site(Lake or River, Concrete Water Pool)
c. Fountain Size & Water Depth(Length & Width, Diameter, picture or CAD drawing)
d. Power Supply(voltage, frequency, single phase or 3 phase)
e. Target Budget (if you have)
f. Special Requirements (if you have)

3. What's the method of payment?
T/T, L/C, Western Union are available for us.

4. How long is the delivery time?
Normally the delievery time is 25~40 days after received advance payment.

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