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What Are The Large Artificial Music Fountains In China? Do You Know

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The fountains are divided into the following types according to the control method:

1、 ordinary fountain: only a few simple fixed water types and lights, control the operation of the fountain, water type and light switch with the opening and closing of the power supply. Generally used for early products or only for decorative fountains, it is characterized by simple design and single effect;

2、common program-controlled fountain: according to several nozzle systems in the pool, several control programs are programmed in the program controller, the control controller sends a control signal to control the low-voltage relay, and then the relay controls the water pump AC contactor to make the water type and the light There are several alternate variations, and this control can also be replaced with a multi-time relay, a synchronous controller, a PLC or a human-machine interface with a PLC function. Ordinary fountains are low in cost, not high in grade, and the results are not satisfactory. This is generally applied to.

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