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What Are the Occasions for Water Curtain Fountains?

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What are the occasions for water curtain fountains?

We may be no stranger to the water curtain fountain. We have seen it in some hotels, party stages and entertainment places. Here's an explanation of the application of the water curtain fountains.



Wedding Place

The traditional wedding place mostly uses LED large screen, balloon, flowers and so on as the decoration of the wedding place. With the progress of the times, people's standard of living, the pursuit of life is higher and higher. Everyone wants to have an unforgettable wedding, break the traditional wedding place layout, and need new and creative elements to add.


The digital water curtain fountain, as the crystallization of science and technology and art in this time, presents a colorful dreamland under the common action of light and water, gives a warm and romantic feeling, and adds a bright spot for etiquette activities, so that you can have a special and unforgettable wedding.


digital water fountain


Entertainment Place

The colorful lights and the splendid music in the entertainment place are always impressive for people. Combining the original lighting and music with the digital water curtain fountain, letting the designs and characters change with the actors can give the audience a sense of innovation and achieve unparalleled results.



Mall Promotion

In commercial squares, pedestrian streets, stations and other places with a large flow of people, we usually see all kinds of promotional means and activities. How to make promotion catch people's attention is the most concerned issue for businesses. The most important of the promotion place is the popularity, and digital water curtain fountain can strives for more people's attention. Digital water curtain fountain can be used as a scenic propaganda technique, which is beautiful and innovative and attracts people's attention. The advertising effect is self-evident.


digital water fountain



As a new advertising media, digital water curtain fountain can be used separately as an alternative to traditional LED. It can be used as part of the booth to cooperate with the enterprise to carry out publicity, and the high-tech content can allow the enterprise to add points in the position of the industry. The unprecedented effect of light and shadow also adds color to the image of the enterprise, helping the enterprise to hold a perfect exhibition.




The application of digital water curtain fountain in the lobby of hotel can play a very good decorative role. An effective display height of up to 10 meters fills the large space in the lobby. The changing character pattern and high-tech feeling can highlight the position of the hotel at any time. It can also display unique text information in real time in welcoming guests and other activities, giving guests a sense of respect and honour.


digital water fountain


Digital water curtain fountain represents a fashion, environmental protection, scientific and technological life. Generally speaking, digital water curtain fountains have good applications in wedding places, entertainment places, shopping malls, exhibitions, hotels and other places, which can help everyone attract popularity. 

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