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What Design Elements Shall Be Considered When We Choose The Fountain

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What Design Elements Shall Be Considered When We Choose The Fountain

In life, the common fountains are so beautiful with their unique designs in different shapes. When we need to buy the fountain for our house or business, what design elements shall be considered when we choose the fountain?


The Types of Fountain

There are many types of fountain, such as musical fountain, digital fountain and so on. According to the use orientation, they can be classified to the fountains which are in the wall, on the floor and the tabletop styles. The wall-mounted suspension fountains has a smaller floor area than the ground and table-top fountains. However the ground and table-top fountains are flexible and easier to move than the wall-mounted suspension fountains. So if you want to put the fountain in the yard, maybe the ground fountain is more suitable than the wall-mounted suspension fountains.


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The Fountain Materials

The materials which will commonly be used in the fountain are concrete, natural stone, metal, ceramic tiles and so on. Among them, metal fountains are more expensive than the other material fountains. So the metal fountains need to have a maintenance frequently to prevent the metal material corrosion. The concrete fountains are cheaper than other material fountains. However, it always cracks easily in the cold weather. So maybe it is not suitable to put in some necessary position which is in the outside. Additionally, the fountains with concrete, stoneware, clay and metal are heavy, but if use the glass fiber and resin for the fountains, it can help the fountains become light with a low frequence maintenance. It also will let the fountains have a strong durability.


The Fountain Style

Choose a fountain based on your own courtyard and residential style. For example, a country farmhouse style villa should be decorated with a natural theme fountain. The fountains on the markets are diverse in style, such as the simple style, rustic style, classical style, mediterranean style, oriental style and so on. No matter what style of your garden, you always can find a suitable fountain.

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The Sound of The Fountains

The sounds of the water produced by the different types of fountains are also different. You must choose the right fountain based on the preconditions of your environment. If you want to put the fountain at your home, you need a fountain with a softer running water sound. However, if you need to place a fountain on a noisy square, you need to choose a fountain that the water running sound is loud enough to cover the noise.


The Energy of The Fountain Pump

All fountains rely on the energy which maintains the pump continue working, such as electric or solar. The solar fountain relies on the sun's rays to generate power to propel the water without wires. Some solar fountains need to have a solar absorption panel nearby them, others have built-in solar absorption panels inside them. Most solar fountains can also work in the cloudy weather, but can not work in the rainy day. However, electric fountains can work all the day and night.


Above all, when you choose to buy a fountain, you should connect with the environment where the fountain is placed and the fountain’s own aspects.

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