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What Is The Digital Curtain Fountain?

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With the development of technology, it appeared many kinds of fountains in the square or our living area. But the digital curtain fountain is the latest of them and more creative than others. You can design with different drawing or text on it.


Digital water curtain fountain is one type of the water fountains. It is made up of flowing water. At the same time, the water wall flowing under the precise control of the computer which can display a variety of patterns and text information styles.

It not only has novel design, but also will bring us many conveniences.

 Digital water fountain

The Operating Principle

The water flow of the digital water curtain fountain comes from thousands of small nozzles. The nozzles are switched and fired by a computer-controlled sensor. The water curtain is like a display, which the images and texts are clearly visible on the water curtain wall.


The images, characters and figures formed by the free fall of the digital water curtain fountain are varied and beautiful. They can be rotated in turn or change the ideal graphics, characters and figures at any time to create a festive atmosphere of different seasons.


The digital water curtain fountain not only gives the supernatural enjoyment of human voice, shape, color and trinity, but also purifies the environment (generating a large amount of negative ions, regulating humidity, purifying the air) and can serve as a large-scale publicity display screen.



  1. Running function: the water curtain beats with music steps, there are many dozens will change.

  2. Graphic function: can play logo standard pattern, text, Chinese characters, English, and has two text functions. It also can display the design of the graphics, and has two functions of bump.

  3. Sound control function: Under the illumination of colored lights, perform rich effects according to the rhythm of music.

  4. Interactive function: human-computer interaction with handwriting input function.


Digital water fountain


The digital water curtain fountain not only can display colorful dynamic patterns with water curtains, but also can be used as a novel and unique water landscape design, which is more suitable for the central square of the unit, appearing the atmosphere and honor.


As a graphic display, it can display the spirit of learning, corporate culture, large-scale activities, and leadership reception that the unit needs at the time.


While serving as a new and unique water landscape, it can also be used as an advertising media to publish information. Besides, it will reflect the cutting-edge sense of technology. Whether in the mall or in other public places, its appeal to the crowd is unmatched by other media. The ingenious lighting is radiant, making it a beautiful piece of art to enjoy, giving a pleasant atmosphere to us.


Scope of Application

The digital water fountain is usually used in the big square, the important business office building, a large-scale performances, fashion shows, wedding celebration and so on. Because it can let people feel happy. It also can let the activity places seemd more beautiful and advaced.



The digital water fountain is very beautiful and useful but actually a little experience. You can use it in a rare important place, activity or time. I believe if you put the girl’s photo on the water wall and tell her you fall in love with her. The successful rate will be higher than the common ways.

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