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What? The fountain is also dangerous!

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Nowadays, more and more shopping malls have added many new fountain projects in order to decorate beautifully and attract customers. Especially the children’s interactive dry spray fountain, which is most loved by everyone.

The floor fountain can not only purify the air, bring better decoration and viewing effects, but also attract many customers, especially children to play here for a long time or many times, thereby increasing the efficiency of the mall.

However, children must pay attention to their own safety while playing with the fountain, including the bacteria in the water, the quality of the fountain and the size of the water pressure, etc. They must be accompanied by their parents to play.

If you have a fountain project, you can contact us.

GO Fountain is the top manufacturer and exporter of fountain in China, providing the whole solution of water fountain for clients.

GO Fountain not only pay attention to the effect and quality of the fountains, but also care about the safety of tourists. Our designs are very user-friendly, and we will do in-depth research according to the local topography, humanities, etc., and finally reach the best plan.

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