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What are the Design Skills of the Music Fountain?

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What are the design skills of the music fountain?

The musical fountain adds a musical effect to the fountain. Through the change of music and the dynamic beauty of the water, the night of the city not only adds a colorful and transforming effect but also satisfies the auditory enjoyment. Under the pressure of fast-paced life, people can experience a relaxed and free atmosphere, which is a good place for recreation. For the designer, there are three tips to be aware of when designing a musical fountain.


Musical Fountain

Detailed Planning Before the Design of the Music Fountain

The choice of the location of the musical fountain is very important. In the early stage, the site selection for exploration, the distribution of water resources around the city, the historical and cultural accumulation of the city, the natural climate change, and the level of economic development are all issues to be considered comprehensively. According to the location of the music fountain, the shape of the water is different from the lighting and music effects. It should be analyzed according to the actual situation.


Music Fountains Must Have a Clear Theme

The music fountain should have the effect that the design wants. According to the local cultural traditions or local customs, choose the theme that the music fountain suits. For the music water fountains in the prosperous squares, there are many young people here, so the choice of the shape of the light and music water should be selected according to the actual situation. The dynamic and rhythm are more respected by young people.


In some squares of the community, the evening is where the middle-aged and old people gather. So if you want to build a water fountain, you can choose a music melody that is more suitable for the elderly, and match the square dance of the elderly. The square of the community is more heated. For some places where ethnic minorities gather, they must have their own national characteristics, and combine the national music to show the characteristic culture of the famous people. In some classical gardens, the design of the musical fountain is also full of classical atmosphere, and the classical beauty of the garden should be revealed. Therefore, the theme of the water fountain should be determined according to the specific conditions and characteristics.


Musical Fountain


Strictly in Accordance with the Design Drawings for Construction

How to choose the control system, water type, music, etc. must be combined with the actual, according to the actual terrain, you must know how to analyze specific problems, so that you can choose a better water fountain according to the actual situation. The design of the music fountain should be designed according to the actual needs. Do not blindly pursue the exaggerated appearance, and deviate from the actual use. After a reasonable layout, you need to comprehensively consider various factors to achieve a perfect musical fountain design. In the design process, it is also necessary to consider environmental awareness, focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, and maximize the recycling of water resources.


The above is a three-point trick for the design of the music fountain for you. If there is anything you don't understand, you can consult our professional technicians.

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