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What are the famous five great musical fountains in China?

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What are the famous five great musical fountains in China?

Musical fountains are quite common. But given a special meaning, these water fountains will always satisfy many people's romantic feelings. Like the biggest park in my city, there are musical fountain shows every Friday night. So I often go to see it with my family on Fridays. Musical fountain has become a place for family to spend a good time together.

Nowadays, musical fountains have not only fountains and music, but also many forms of light and shadow. It is an audio-visual feast in the busy life, which is very popular and loved by people. Many cities in tourist areas or near scenic spots will create some distinctive musical fountains. Today, I would like to share with you some of the famous musical fountains in China.

Musical fountains

Shenzhen Sea World

Shenzhen Sea World is a new business center built on a luxury cruise ship. The musical fountain here is the sea world water show, but also an open panoramic water show. It can reach a maximum of 50 meters, and the audience can watch it without blind angles. The dance between the beads and the light is magnificent and shocking against the music. It opens on time at seven or eight o'clock every night.

Qingdao World Garden Expo

The musical fountain of the Qingdao World Garden Expo is now the photo spot of Qingdao tourism. It is the only Symphony style well-known waterscape performance in the world which was built in 2014. There are also 20 fire-spraying machines to boost the fun. Everyone will be intoxicated in it.

Musical fountains

Xi'an Dayan Pagoda Square

The outdoor fountain of Dayan Pagoda Square is really big. It is said that the investment is as high as 500 million yuan. The musical fountain here is not only popular with tourists, but also very popular with local people. It has never been off-season and has a lot of passenger traffic throughout the year. If you want to see the fountain, it is more reliable to go to the scene early to occupy a favorable position. Otherwise, if there are too many people on the scene, you will not see the good scenery.

South Lake of Luoyang

It is said that the musical fountain of Nanhu Lake in Luoyang uses many of the world's most advanced technologies. The combination of music and light is as good as the concert. Musical fountains full of scientific and technological sense bring vitality to night life. After a day's sightseeing in the old city, you can see the musical fountain.

Musical fountains

West Lake musical fountain

The West Lake musical fountain is about 126 meters long and the arc part is about 2 meters wide. The whole musical fountain has seven main types of nozzles, including two-dimensional nozzles, running springs, high nozzles, sub-high nozzles, rainbow nozzles, air explosion nozzles and pneumatic water film nozzles. The fountain lamp adopts underwater LED lamp, which can change several different colors. The well-designed fountain nozzle can rotate 360 degrees. It combines with music to emit a variety of shapes, such as water column, water mist, water balloon. The main music used in the fountain are West Lake characteristic songs, Chinese classical music and pop music, foreign classical music and pop music, etc.

Have the above musical fountains appeared in your city? If you have time, you can go to the musical fountain with your friends to relax. You will be shocked by the charm of the musical fountain.

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