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What is The History of Fountain?

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What is The History of Fountain?

Water fountain is not the result of modern civilization. In fact, water fountain has experienced 2000 years of development. It combined with different regional cultural characteristics to form a rich and diverse fountain landscape. From the point of view of the historical development of fountains, fountains come with the development of culture. With the help of humanistic communication, it has gradually formed the characteristics of the combination of nature and man. In the 6th century BC, there was already a fountain in the Babylonian air garden. In ancient Greece, through the transformation of drinking water fountains, they developed into decorative fountains, and circular fountains centered on the main axis were also used in Islamic gardens. During the Renaissance, fountains developed rapidly, which combined with sculptures, decorations, pools and so on to form a fountain landscape. In particular, the famous Italian hundred Springs Trail Fountain Canal, the famous Owl Fountain are very influential fountain landscape.


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The Development of Fountain In Modern Times

From the 17th to 18th centuries, water fountains flourished in Europe and rose in Asia. Especially the Sun God Fountain in France and the Great Falls Fountain in Germany are famous microcosms of the fountain development in this era. Europeans' love of fountains exists with the influence of culture. Their city managers think that fountains have certain implications and can express the effective setting off of the times and the landscape of famous characters. In the 20th century, the fountain was developed in a large scale, and the Great Fountain in Geneva was sprayed to 145m high with a water pump of 1,360 horsepower, which was illuminated by searchlights, showing a magnificent fountain landscape. In the 17th century, China formed three major fountain structures, namely, Dashuifa, Hall of National peace, and Harmonious Wonder, which have a construction layout in the Yuanmingyuan and the Summer Palace.



The Development of Modern Fountains

Through the development of modern culture, fountain has developed into an important facility to enhance the image of the city, improve the ecological environment and optimize the landscape. In the process of design and construction, the fountain has also shown more diversified characteristics. Fountains can be integrated with building, sculpture, canal, pool, natural landscape and artificial landscape to form a variety of environmental layouts. The fountain is equipped with  computer, neon lamp, underwater lamp, spray head, water pump and water circulation system to form a wide variety of patterns of manifestation. All kinds of fountains characterized by music fountains, sculptural fountains and natural fountains continue to rise in the city and landscape, and become a very influential scenic spot. The unique fountain landscape is designed in combination with the characteristics of the landscape, such as Shanghai Bund Fountain, Liuzhou Water Fountain and so on. The fountains have formed many very contagious fountain landscapes in conjunction with the Blue Rhapsody, Symphony and so on, such as the Canberra Griffin Lake Fountain in Australia, Dubai Water Fountain, Seattle Park Fountain, etc.

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