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What is a Floating Fountain?

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What is a Floating Fountain?

Floating fountains are an excellent solution for big outdoor freshwater expanses. These outdoor fountains are mainly located in natural or artificial lakes, where they provide a series of advantages among which decorative features are predominant. Floating fountains, though, are also great to oxygenate water and this turns them into functional devices as well as attractive elements.


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Why a Floating Fountain?

When choosing a fountain for a lake or a pond, we have to consider basic aspects such as size and depth. Floating fountains make it possible to equip water expanses deeper than usual – as their name suggests, they are not anchored to the bottom. This kind of fountains can also be installed in lakes and ponds with muddy or sandy bottom. Although they are not anchored, the fountains are connected to the bottom or the edge of the pond by wires or other devices. These systems prevent them from being moved by the wind or the water flow.



All the Advantages

As stated before, floating fountains do not only fulfill a decorative function but they also contribute to improve the quality of water in lakes and ponds. Though the movement generated by water circulation does improve oxygenation, these fountains also make it possible to include aerator modules that enhance this aspect. It is an important option if the water contains aquatic life as it avoids the proliferation of microorganisms that are harmful for plants, seaweed and fish.


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Fountains with Many Possibilities

A floating fountain is open to almost any kind of design and nozzle. As these fountains are usually installed in big freshwater expanses, the splashing and noise generated by water jets are not relevant at all. This means that many different kind of floating fountains can be designed by including interesting nozzles like ‘Palm Trees’, ‘Dancing’ or ‘Cascades’, among others.


In this regard, we must say that dancing and musical floating fountains can be created using stainless steel frames with anchored bulbs, nozzles, lights and sound systems. For example, these designs are appropriate for shows as they can be carried from one spot to another.



Light Reflections

Like in many other cases, in floating fountains lighting is a basic feature. The water’s design and movement win a whole lot when dressed with the proper illumination, mainly by night. By using the right submergible lights we will be able to create unique designs with an excellent value for money.



What Happens with Swimming Pools?

Though it is not a very usual option, there is the possibility of including floating fountains in big-sized swimming pools. These fountains are designed to turn swimming pools into decorative installations when they are not in use – that means, during the night or out of the bath season. This option is usually chosen in private settings such as big hotels and luxury spaces that have huge swimming pools. In these cases the fountains must be removed when the pool is in practical use, and they can be brought back and installed again each time they have to be admired.

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These fountains decorative and practical possibilities turn them into very attractive elements that fill natural and artificial environments with beauty. If we choose quality equipment and fine designs, we will be able to increase the beauty of lakes and ponds by using floating fountains.

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