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What is a Waterfalls Fountain?

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What is a Waterfalls Fountain?

With the development of the times and the improvement of the science and technology, the water fountain equipment has been very advanced. Various musical fountains, program-controlled fountains and laser fountains have emerged in an endless stream. The scale can be large or small, the range can be high or low, the water sprayed out can be big as beads and small as fog, the change is thousands, and it is fascinating. Among them, waterfalls fountains are becoming more and more popular in indoor decoration.



What is a Waterfalls Fountain?

The waterfalls fountain is an elegant fountain with a strong decorative power. Their minimalist ideas and foil-like effects are suitable for modern spaces, they provide a shiny appearance of water without any splash or noise. Although they can be installed indoors and outdoors, waterfalls fountain are more likely to be installed indoors - they are great in malls, lobbies, hotels and fine restaurants. These fountains can be easily combined with other elements, such as vertical gardens (now stylish) or decorative vertical panels.


indoor water fountain


The Types of Waterfalls Fountain

The "waterfall" concept includes different types of fountains. For example, any cascade with a impeller pump is a waterfall in which water falls in a series of staggered ponds in a natural manner. However, we limit ourselves to three basic types: waterfalls on the flat surface, mylar wire water curtains and digital water curtains. Due to its special configuration, the digital water curtains should have its own article describing all its functions. As for the first and second one, we will introduce their characteristics, operation and installation in the following.


1) Waterfall on The Flat Surface

They are the most common and well-known waterfall fountains. They are also known as water walls and look like water panels that slide in a vertical flat surface, usually a transparent glass window or ceramic wall. But these options can also include other solutions such as stainless steel, marble or any rigid, uniform and waterproof material to prevent water damage. They are modern and elegant, perfect for quiet spaces. These fountains do not create splashes or loud noises. The water panels create a constant and balanced movement, constitute a beautiful device together with the light reflections and the freshness of the fountain.


2) Mylar Wire Water Curtains

The operation of mylar wire water curtains is completely different from the operation of the water wall. In this case, the fountain consists of a series of vertical lines made of synthetic material called polyester film. The wires are flat and remain vertically parallel to form a fine continuous surface. Each wire is connected to a small nozzle at the top of the wall. The nozzle supplies water that flows into the droplet for the wire . The droplets slide on the wire until they reach the bottom pond, creating a constant and regular flow. These fascinating fountains are very decorative, even if they are not used.



digital water fountain

The Characteristic of Waterfalls Fountain

1) Light: value added

This happens in almost every fountain, and waterfalls can benefit from good lighting. Since they are primarily indoor fountains close to transients, any underwater lights used are attractive and discreet, they may be in view.


2) Elegance, Class and Personality

The waterfalls fountain on the surface and mylar wire water curtains are the latest technology solutions, perfect for elegant and luxurious spaces. A large and elegant hotel, the lobby of an innovative office building or any modern must-have place will be the perfect places to enjoy the disc charm of the waterfall.

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