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What is jumping jet fountain

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Jumping jet water fountain
The Jumping Jet is a multifunctional device, which creates attractive and dynamic effects using laminar-flow that creates glass-like water arches. Illuminated by millions of RGB color combinations, this water jet can create "falling star" or "flying rainbow" water effects. Glowing with color, this arching water can be adjusted to cut at different lengths.
Then devise is set vertically, you can also achieve stunning glass pole or shooting crystal ball effects.
Using multiple devices in a single fountain, you can create truly captivating results. The programing variations are endless.
The beauty of the fountain, using a few Jumping Jet systems as additional elements, can be widely enhanced.
The device's innovative lighting system has the water effects dazzle in the dark! It can be installed with a single one in the crosswalk,
 whose water column jumping from a pool to another one, pedestrians can walk through it without clothes wet, it just like a fairyland.


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