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What is the origin of the water screen movie?

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What is the origin of the water screen movie?

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Water screen movie technology is a multimedia technology that emits a beam of light on the surface of the water and displays a strong stereoscopic film effect. The water screen movie was produced in the late 1980s, but its early appearance only appeared in large cities such as France and Japan. Because the water curtain film has an unparalleled optical effect, when the movie is played, the color is fresh and vivid, and the subtitles are clear.


Basic Requirements:

1. Water screen movie  should be set up with resources close to water, such as rivers, lakes, artificial ponds, large water, etc.

2. The water screen movie  should be where the wind is rising outdoors or at night, in a place where the wind is not big.

3. The water curtain generator should have a high head, low flow, and even a spray, so that more water in the scalloped surface can withstand the 3rd level wind.

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