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What is the principle of water screen movie ?

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What is the principle of water screen movie ?

The principle of water screen movie is to use high-pressure water pump and special water curtain generator to spray water from top to bottom at high speed to form a fan-shaped mist "screen". Then use a special projector to show the movie. When people watch the water screen movie, the fan-shaped screen blends with the natural night sky. When the characters in the movie enter and exit the screen, it is just like the real thing, which gives people a feeling of emptiness and dreaminess.


This kind of water screen movie-specific projector is mainly projected by optical sensing control. This control method can be realized in three ways, including program control, direct control and utility control. The screen of the water curtain film design can be as high as 20 meters and the width is about 30-50 meters. The effect of the screening is novel and it is a good tool for advertising.


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