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Fountain Projects
Gofountain is the top manufacturer and exporter of fountain in China, providing the whole solution of water fountain for clients.


  • Lotus Shape Water Fountain


    This is a mucis dancing water fountain design, shaped like a blooming lotus. Read More

  • Less Is More


    When you need a fountain, fountain will appear? It sounds a little amazing, how do we do it?Portable and Movable Fountain can meet your need. This is a 2x2m portable music water fountain, which suitable for 3.5x3.5m water pool. Read More

  • 16x8m Oval Shape Music Dancing Fountain


    Gold Ocean Design Department had been finished a new fountain design, which is suitable for 16x8m oval shape water pool at a housing estate, it apply 6 groups of water features, including central straight spray, rainbow shape spray, straight spray, seagull swing spray, peacock's tail shape spray and Read More

  • Barcelona National Palace Magic Musical Fountain


    The Barcelona Musical Fountain in Spain, also known as the Magic Fountain, is a magical fountain. It is the first in Europe and the second in the world. The musical fountain is located at the foot of the beautiful Monvik Mountains, with the imposing National Palace on the back facing the beautiful P Read More

  • Dispatch Of Saudi Arabia Musical Fountain


    This is Dia12m indoor music dancing water fountain. From design to installation all of it will be finished by Suzhou Gold Ocean fountain. There are seven water features in the pool. Most of the material are stainless steel304. Everyone is expect to the fountain show. Read More

  • Dia 12m Multimedia Music Dancing Floating Fountain in Vietnam


    Dia 12m Multimedia Music Dancing Floating Fountain in Vietnam Read More



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