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About us

GOFOUNTAIN is the top manufacturer and exporter of fountain in China, providing the whole solution of water fountain for clients.
The main fountain types include: Musical Dancing Fountain, Dry Fountain, Floating Fountain, Water Screen Movie, Digital Water Curtain, etc.
Services include Fountain design, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning, Technical training and After-sale maintenance.
With ISO and CE certificated, GOFOUNTAIN has made projects in over 70 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Malaysia, United States, Australia, Finland and Japan etc.
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    Laminar Jumping Jet Fountain with Built-in LED Light

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Laminar Jet could produce the arc shape water spray which is high and extremely crystal clean without splashed water. With built-in RGB LED light, the laminar water spray could be colored like a transparent fiber.
Laminar Jumping Jet is developed from the Laminar Jet. It has an additional cutter which powered by a step motor. The cutter can cut the Laminar spray segment by segment with different length which all controlled by the computer system. The segments of laminar water looks like jumping from the jet so it called as Laminar Jumping Jet.