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  • What is fire fountain?

    Fire Fountain, normally has two kinds of fuels.LPG and Alcohol-based fuel.
    And by the usage, it can has types,fire on water , fire ball,and fire torch with water pillar.
    People will get excited and surprised when the fire comes out with music's hight pitch, as people fears fire from instinct, it i

  • What's Levitating Water Droplets Device

    The product uses the principle of visual persistence to subtly control the flashing frequency of the light.
    When the frequency of the flashing of the light is synchronized with the frequency of the water flow,
    the water is hovered. When the frequency of the flashing of the light is greater than

  • New Fountain Project in Dubai

    Recently we finished a project in Dubai. This is a Multimedia music dancing water fountain, fountain size is 27.5*9.5m. The fountain applied 9 groups of water features, totally 252pcs of nozzles and 283pcs of DMX 512 lights.Our design concept: Three horses pull the carriage/stage, running and gallop

  • FREE DESIGN Small Indoor Customized Size Digital Water Curtain

    Digital Water Curtain is one of the most advanced products in nowadays fountain industry, which could display words, designs running water spray, etc, and also perform with music and lights. Its computer system can convert the preediting program into different control signals to the solenoid val

  • Our Saudi fountain get client recognition

    Our Saudi fountain get client recognition,thanks to our wonderful team.

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